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"Efficient, reliable and high quality product photography at a reasonable price. Highly recommended."
david segal hull
David Segal Hull
Digital & Creative Content Manager
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"The photos are always to a really high standard the the team is easy to work with, fast, consistent and efficient, the images we get from PICUP have completely elevated our website!"
Sebastian Collinge
Founder & Owner
"We're so glad we found Pic-up! It's such a simple and easy process, we just pack our products up and wait for them to be collected and Pic-up do all the rest. We never have to wait long for our images and we're always happy with them :)"
Emma Craddock
General Manager
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"As the co-founder of a sportswear business, I am super happy with the studio photos done by Peter. PIC-UP is efficient both in terms of how long it takes to take the photos and also in terms of receiving them afterwards. The quality of the photos is significantly higher than any other of the photographers we've worked with. The pricing is transparent and fair. When we use a photo from PIC-UP, we see a strong sales increase. I strongly recommend PIC-UP."
claire kent profile picture
Claire Kent
"The service at Pic Up was absolutely brilliant - I would definitely recommend to anyone for excellent communication, very professional, a very quick turn around without compromising the quality of photography and very good value for money. Thank you very much Peter and team! We will definitely be using your service again."
Miriam Bridson
"So glad Pic-Up reached out to me. Their e-comm photography service is fast, efficient and has saved me so much time - and money - being spent on trial and error. Photos are great, communication is quick, and personal. This is an amazing service for product based businesses with an online presence."
Sophie Dias
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"Incredibly efficient and professional. Was an absolute pleasure to work with them and would definitely work with Pic-Up again."
Milun Kumar
Founder & CEO
"Absolutely brilliant service! I was shocked when I saw the images as I didn’t think my garments could look that clear precise due to some being asymmetrical. Peter was really understanding and accommodating with my quick turn around of under 2 days. Will definitely recommend for the future."
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"Peter and his team are very accomodating with quick turnaround times and great results. We've worked with them on a number of projects and will continue to do so."
Joe Kinch
Joe Kinch
Founder & Director