Packshot Photography

Looking for stunning imagery that will make your products stand out? Our specialist packshot photography service promotes your product’s key features and details to create the ultimate first impression.

Painting a picture of a thousand words through a single image, our packshot photography instantly catches the attention of your customers. With years of research and development, our packshot service shows off your products in the best possible way. Perfect for eCommerce use online, in print, on social media or any other way you’ll ever need.

With decades of experience shooting professional eCommerce product images, our product packshot photography service is the all-in-one solution your business needs in order to sell more products online.

No matter the size, type or requirements of the subject, our packshot service proudly creates professional images with perfect composition and lighting.

packshot product photography uk ecommerce
packshot product photography uk ecommerce
packshot product photography uk ecommerce
packshot product photography uk ecommerce
packshot product photography uk ecommerce
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Put your products in the spotlight

Packshot photography is an absolute necessity for any business hoping to sell products online. Our quality packshots build your brand’s profile and recognition, ensuring a professional and trustworthy presentation that makes all the difference in generating sales.

Our eCommerce product shots allow users to quickly and easily recognise a product as yours, building up your brand’s profile across the web, thus attracting new customers and growing your business online.

No matter if you are looking for plain white background packshots, or something more creative, by choosing PIC-UP, you can be assured that your products are always shown in their best light. Promoting your products in a compelling, clear and consistent manner, product packshots allow you to clearly promote key features and brand highlights across your eCommerce website, marketplaces (such as Amazon), social media and physical prints.

Innovative product showcasing

Using the latest photography technology and techniques, we create fantastic shadows and reflections to ensure your products are shown off in the best way possible and always ensuring realism. Using a variety of modern techniques such as ghost mannequin photography, PIC-UP offers fantastic value for money – almost guaranteeing a brilliant return on your investment.

Our product packshot service brings your products to life, with consistent and professional lighting, top-of-the-line image quality, perfect editing and fantastic composition. Discover our stunning product packshots to effortlessly communicate your product’s details, function and design to consumers.

Consistent creativity

Crafting consistent images that your customers can rely on is our speciality. Repeated camera angles, lighting and styling for every product builds trust in your consumer and showcases your brand in a professional and consistent manner.

Shoot after shoot, our team provide a professional and reliable service that your brand can depend on. Our product packshots are crafted upon a foundation of industry-leading studio set-ups that ensure repeated styling to create a consistent aesthetic for your business. But don’t be fooled, creativity is in our nature and regular innovation allows us to create product packshots that have the best possible performance both online and offline.

Product packshots that promote

By choosing us for your product packshot needs, you ensure that every single image your consumers see shows off the most important details, angles and focal points of your products.

With the ability to adapt to any size, texture, complexity or nature of products, our packshot photography services demonstrate your products to the fullest.

Demonstrate your expertise and become a brand to be reckoned with – using PIC-UP for all your product photography needs ensures that your products are shown in the right way all the time, allowing your brand to grow across the internet and become the leader in your niche.

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