Large Item And Furniture Photography

From items of furniture to sizable products such as sports equipment and bicycles, large product and furniture photography can be a complex process for business owners to master. This is why our large item and furniture photography studio is prepared to not only photograph your products, but to capture them in a way that draws your customer to purchase.

We understand that running a business is extremely time-consuming, which is why our all-in-one large product photography service offers a fantastic return on investment. Simply place your order online using our instant quote calculator and we’ll pick up your items free of charge before returning them with your beautiful quality images.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our imagery alongside FREE image retouching. If your items need it, we also offer a complimentary dusting and polishing service to ensure your furniture items look picture perfect.

Thanks to our unbeatable customer service, we’re known to business owners and digital marketers nationwide for making product photography easy so you can focus on what matters most – your brand.

order large product photography professional company

Shooting bulky items such as Furniture or Bikes?

We realise that shooting larger items is a logistical nightmare, whether it be building flat pack furniture or the expensive delivery costs. That’s why we bring the studio to you. One of our photographers will bring everything they need to shoot your products within your store, studio or warehouse.

Pricing is a little more complicated than shooting small items so get in touch below and one of our customer representatives will get back to you with a quote. Take the stress out of ordering your Product Photography with PIC-UP.

order large product photography professional company
order large product photography professional company
order large product photography professional company

Using space wisely for premium results

The key to large product photography so that it makes a fantastic impression on your customer, is creating a space that truly complements and emphasises both your brand’s aesthetic and your product’s best features. Our mission is to showcase your products at their finest, which is why our passionate team of photographers will be dedicated to finding the perfect lighting and composition for your images.

Getting the perfect dimensions

For many businesses selling larger items, a recurring issue in their online imagery when taking their own photos has been distortion, whether it be from lens distortion, poor lighting or simply no backdrop. Items can easily appear too big or too small and the shape can often appear slightly different in comparison to the actual product. Representing the dimensions of your large product with accuracy requires the skill set of an experienced product photographer.

PIC-UP’s dedicated professionals will utilise the furniture photography studio with precision to ensure that all images shot of your products are completely accurate when compared to the real thing. This offers your customers the opportunity to see the most realistic online image of your product possible, minimising the amount of returns or complaints you receive about misleading images.

Transparency is key when it comes to eCommerce, as this allows you to build a sense of trust with your customers – meaning a higher conversion rate and a greater sense of loyalty from repeat buyers. Our large-item photography is ideal for online stores and marketplaces such as Amazon.

An eye for detail

Even for larger scale products, the devil is in the details. Our large item photography service is delivered with meticulous attention to the detail you would like emphasised on your eCommerce site. We capture all angles and positions when photographing your products to ensure your audience will pay close attention to your item’s important features, textures and little quirks.

We also offer post-production image editing to really give your products that high-standard professional edge. Natural shadows, reflections and highlights can be added for extra flair and our studio set-up allows for transparent backgrounds and cut-out images, offering you further ease when using your imagery online or in print.

Design-led furniture photography for your business

If you’re ready to take your eCommerce imagery to the next level, you’re in the right place. Take the stress out of ordering your Product Photography with PIC-UP.

Choosing PIC-UP for your large item and furniture photography needs is one of the most beneficial actions you can do for your eCommerce business. Not only will we provide you with incredible quality images to boost your conversions – we’ll also work around your schedule to meet your needs exactly!

Premium quality large item photography is an investment in your business that is guaranteed to deliver the results you want in the long-term. Pricing is a little more complicated than shooting small items so get in touch below and one of our friendly team members will get back to you with a quote.