Amazon Product Photography

If you are looking for fantastic imagery that makes your products stand out, our Amazon photography service is the perfect solution for you. Specialising in professional studio and lifestyle photography, our service is specifically optimised to generate the best results for your Amazon listing. Don’t lose customers due to poor quality images!

We are a London based product and clothing packshot photography studio that specialises in high-quality imagery for e-commerce and online selling. Our expertise lends itself perfectly to providing highly-optimised Amazon product photography that is perfectly aligned with Amazon’s image requirements. Our service ensures that the product photos on your Amazon listings communicate your products effectively and represents your brand through both plain background and lifestyle imagery. Our Amazon product photography service catapults your listing in front of your target customers, drawing more attention to your product, and in turn, increasing sales.

Professional Amazon photography to suit any budget

We offer a selection of affordable packages that perfectly suit the needs of your business, with flexible pricing and options that can be specifically tailored to your requirements, you can rest assured that your Amazon listings will be optimised in no time.

At PIC-UP, we have a state-of-the-art studio packed full of all the equipment needed to provide a full imagery solution for your business. With a quick turnaround and clear pricing, we focus on providing a cost-effective, professional and compliant Amazon product photography service to help you create impressive marketplace listings.


£ 300
  • 5 White Background Packshots
  • Infographics
  • Retouching
  • Cutout
  • Collection & Delivery


£ 600
  • 5 Packshots
  • 3D Rendered Model
  • 3D Rendered Model on Stock Image
  • Infographics
  • Retouching
  • Cutout
  • Collection & Delivery


£ 1700
  • 5 Packshots
  • 2 In Situ Images
  • Custom Set Design
  • Set Stylist
  • Infographics
  • Retouching
  • Cutout
  • Collection & Delivery


  • Custom Amount of Packshots
  • Custom Amount of In Situ Images
  • Human or Pet Model
  • Location House or Set Build
  • Infographics
  • Retouching
  • Cutout
  • Collection & Delivery

Benefits of our Amazon photography service

Our professional Amazon product photographers understand the importance of bringing your products to life. Our high quality and efficient services display your products in the best possible way, boosting your sales in no time!

Catching your customer’s eye

Having a massive influence on your sales, most Amazon buyers will make a decision about a product based on what they see, not what they read. On marketplaces such as Amazon, you only have a few seconds to grab a buyer’s attention before they move on to another seller’s page. If you want to win, you better make the most of that first impression. Amazon shoppers are very visual and their decision on purchasing a product is always linked to a product’s images – so ensuring you use professional-standard images on your listings is essential to the success of your Amazon sales.

To give you an edge over your competitors, presenting your products in the best possible way allows you to dominate the marketplace for a given product. The way you present your products visually is a reflection of your brand, that’s why our product photography for Amazon is specifically optimised to showcase all of your listings in the best possible way.

Amazon lifestyle imagery

An essential part of any Amazon listing, lifestyle images help your customer to grasp a better understanding of the context, purpose and features of your product. Our Amazon lifestyle images help your customers envision their life with your product – evoking emotion by bringing your products out of the screen and allowing customers to get a feel for what your product will feel like in the real world.

Leaving a lasting impression on viewers of your listing, our impressive lifestyle imagery has a huge positive impact on a shoppers buying decision. Setting your brand apart from competitors on Amazon, we display your product in the best possible way in lifestyle settings specifically focused on the purpose, context and style of your product, no matter if you sell homeware products, furniture or clothing.

Increase your Amazon sales with quality images

Amazon is a jungle that is filled with millions of sellers and buyers. It’s a hyper-competitive environment for sellers due to the marketplace being saturated with competing products and listings.

By showcasing your product in an intriguing way, you will be able to entice buyers to choose your product despite having other options, increasing your likelihood of success. With help from PIC-UP, high-quality professional product photography is the key to attracting more sales as customers don’t have the time to read product descriptions – they make buying decisions based on imagery alone.

In the cutthroat world of Amazon, buyers will only read the text and the descriptions once they are fully satisfied with the images. If they are not satisfied with a product’s images, you can bet they won’t even bother reading the text. If you want to beat the competition and get ahead of the curve, invest in professional Amazon product photography today.

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