360 Product photography to help you sell.

What's 360 Product Photography?

Showing your customer the bigger picture has never been more effective than with our professional 360 Product Photography shots. The clue is in the name – this style of photography allows your customers to see your product from every possible angle.

The resulting 360 degree image presents an immaculate view of your product that will instantly engage your customers and leave a lasting impression. At PIC-UP, we’ll pay thorough attention to detail during the 360 product photography process, ensuring that every shot we take captures your product in great detail.

Our committed photographers at PIC-UP have a wealth of experience in taking incredible shots that have been proven time and time again to increase customer engagement and sales. Ideal for eCommerce use, 360 degree photography is the perfect visual tool to attract your customer’s focus.

Whatever your product may be, our passionate team will work with you to create the perfect showcase imagery for your brand that has a tangible impact on your business.

An interactive showcase experience

With 360 product photography, your customers will be able to gain the truest sense of your product, from the quality to the texture and much more.

Giving your online customers full transparency on what they can expect to receive in your product has a huge benefit for your conversion rate. 360 product photography takes your customers one step closer to seeing the product in person, allowing them to fully evaluate before purchasing online. If your online shoppers love to see all the different features of your product, with no angle left unseen, turntable photography is the perfect asset to make your sales increase.

When used on ecommerce websites, consumers are able to use their mouse or touchscreen to rotate the product in order to see it from every angle. The inclusion of 360 photography in your store immediately increases the likelihood of a customer engaging with your content and products.

The perfect addition to other, more traditional, product imagery such as packshots, 360 images give you an edge over your competitors.

Different frames, smoothness & pricing explained

18 Frames

Our most cost-effective solution for 360 product photography, the 18 frame option offers a full surround view of your product, but with limited smoothness. This option is ideal for those who are keen to keep the speed of their online store as fast as possible, as the lower amount of frames means a smaller file size. However, if you are looking for the best user experience, a smoother, higher frame 360 option may be better suited for you.

36 Frames

Smoother than the 18 frame option, 35 frames provide a smoother final product but maintains a smaller file size and lower price than other options. Perfect to show off more detail and different angles of your product, 35 frames are ideal for giving your customer an entire view of your product. 35 frame 360 product photography can help boost the sales of your product by allowing your customers to see details and angles of your product they might have otherwise missed.

72 Frames

Far smoother and more lifelike than 18 and 35 frame options, our 72 frame is a great choice for showcasing your product without compromising on price or image quality. If you are looking to fill your website with multiple 360 product images, this is the perfect choice for you, as it provides a fantastic view of all your products and improving the user experience of your site. If you sell premium products, 72
is defiantly the best choice for you as it offers your users the best experience possible, allowing them to visualise the product outside of a screen, massively increasing their likeness to buy, and thus, your conversion rates.


18 Frames

Economy Package
£ 25 Each
  • 18 Photographs per product
  • Cutout on white background
  • Advice on uploading your 360 spin

36 Frames

Standard Package
£ 48 Each
  • 36 Photographs per product
  • Cutout on white background
  • Advice on uploading your 360 spin

72 Frames

Ultra Smooth
£ 80 Each
  • 72 Photographs per product
  • Cutout on white background
  • Advice on uploading your 360 spin
Most Sold

Increasing buyer confidence

360 photography is a brilliant investment for a number of reasons, although the most important of these is the amazing impact it can have on sales when used appropriately on your website. These interactive images help you sell more products as they allow your customers to gain the clearest possible view of your item without seeing it in person.

Similarly, product returns are significantly reduced when 360 product photography images are used, as consumers can better evaluate the product, giving more confidence in whether it’s right for them, having seen it from every angle. This results in lower costs and fewer returns for your business – win-win!

Captured with precision

Creating a flawless interactive image using 360 product photography requires a variety of professional equipment and software – most importantly, a turntable. To capture the product from every angle, the item is placed on the turntable, which spins whilst the camera remains static. The turntable is controlled by computer software which ensures the images are aligned.

Our industry-leading photographers strive for consistency with all of our images as a part of the professional, reliable turntable photography service we offer. We are creative and innovative in our methods, allowing us to offer a unique approach in capturing the individual aesthetic of each and every client we work with.

360 Product Photography that sells

When you choose PIC-UP for your 360 product photography needs, we’ll provide you with an in-depth service that effectively shows off your product and meets the highest quality standards.

Our experienced photographers will be dedicated to capturing your products in the right light using 360 photography, no matter the size, shape or complexity of the item… we’ll get the job done.

We offer a variety of different speed settings in the 360 product photography process depending on both your budget restrictions and desired end result. The faster the speed, the smoother the result. We’re happy to discuss this with you before going ahead to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied.

By using our premium quality imagery, your brand can stand head and shoulders above your competitors by having your products placed perfectly in the spotlight. Once your images are on display, you’ll see your business grow and evolve into industry leaders much faster than ever before.