COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.
COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.
COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.



Product photographers know that they are expected to get captivating shots that would result in interest in the product. Shooting a product is not the same as shooting a living and breathing model. However, it is more than simply aiming your lens at an object and taking a snap.

Unlike photography that involves living and breathing subjects, packshot photography is meant to reflect the product as it appears to the consumer. It must be an accurate representation; hence, very little manoeuvring room for artistic expression.

The photographer ensures that the shape, appearance, colours and writings on the product appear exactly as they are on the real-life product.

packshot product photography uk ecommerce
packshot product photography uk ecommerce
packshot product photography uk ecommerce
packshot product photography uk ecommerce
packshot product photography uk ecommerce

Packshot Photography

What Defines a Good Packshot?

A good packshot is one that has all or most of the following:

  • Any writing on the product is clear and legible on the photo
  • The silhouette of the product remains exactly the same in the photo as it is on the product on the shelf
  • The color should be exactly the same as that on the physical product
  • Elements used for design purposes such as embossing and foiling should come out as such
  • Lighting that indicated rounding should be sufficient and should bring out every detail

While the product should stand out from its competitors to pique consumer’s curiosity, it must not be exaggerated to the point that it does not appear to be the same product. Artistic discretion is allowed…up to a point. There are those who will prefer more lighting and others who will prefer less.

Professional packshot photographers respect their clients’ wishes and provide images that are satisfactory according to the instructions the client gives. They have no qualms about taking as many shots as it takes to get the one the client desires.

How is Packshot Photography Different from the Rest?

Packshot photography, commercial and advertising photography are all part of the business world.  In fact, many think they are synonymous. However, packshot photography is far from the other two types of photography.

What precisely, do we mean when we say use the term ‘packshot’? What is a packshot?

This type of photograph is taken within a professional photographic studio. It is a high definition shot of a product that is taken against a white background. The background must be seamless. The background is removed digitally and what is left if an image of the product in all its simplicity.

The studio creates a seamless background by having a wall that curves gently. The curve is known as the infinity curve. It allows the product to be assimilated into the company’s web pages and brochures as well as flyers and catalogs.

The purpose of Packshot Photography

It is primarily aimed at encouraging visual recognition of the product. The consumer sees the product and immediately recognizes it because it is photographed it its natural form without changing or exaggerating any of its details.

When the consumer comes across the product on the shelf, they are more likely to make a purchase. They may even make an exodus from what they were used to this product. Visual recognition can be compelling.

The product also ends up pushing the profit margin up because sales are likely to go up. Such a clear and unspoiled product is bound to stay at the back of the consumer’s mind such that when they come across it, the image leaps forth. You want to give it a try if it is a new product.

The aim of packshot photography, therefore, is to increase the visibility of the brand which in return leads to more sales which roll over to increased profits. It is an ingenious way of playing with the consumer’s mind; messing around with the visual memory by making sure that the consumer sees the product and remembers it enough to be compelled to buy.

This what make packshot photography different from the rest. It aims to make the product unforgettable, not just visible.

Packshot Photography Should Be Treated Differently

Advertising is an expensive venture for any business. It is important to advertise but so much money is used trying to outdo the competition that many businesses have opted to look for other ways to get their information to the consumer.

Businesses are seeking out pocket-friendly ways to reduce advertising costs. While images sell and bring attention to a product, there is an influx of high density and sophisticated digital cameras that can produce high definition images shot right inside the company premises by an employee.

Many businesses are simply producing their advertising images from inside the workplace. This may have worked for many companies. However, with packshot images, one cannot turn the reception office into an impromptu studio for a packshot photo shoot. The obvious reason being the space needed and more importantly the cost.

This type of photography must be done by a professional in a professional photography studio. There are no two ways to it; at least not yet. Packshot photographs must be:

  • Of high quality
  • Crisp
  • Taken against a perfectly uniform background with no distractions
  • Professionally lit

The trickiest bit about photography is the lighting. If that one goes wide, then the whole shot is spoiled. Companies that have attempted to have in-house packshot photography sessions have learned this the hard way.

A professional studio is better equipped to create the right background as well as the right lighting to bring out the desired results. In addition, the experienced photographer will easily get you a clear and well-defined image.

Visibility is crucial in business. No one buys what they cannot see. A clearly visible product image is more likely to create a more lasting impression that a blurred one. It is best to trust the experts to get the shots done properly and professionally to get the right reaction from the consumer.


Selling your product is no mean feat with all the competition. Presentation counts for a lot. Creating an image that is so clear and alluring ensures that the consumer not only remembers it but also buys it…even if out of curiosity.

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