On-model photography aims at presenting the product in real time. The buyer is able to see how the item fits. Customers can tell from how fabric fits and looks on the model whether it is going to be a good fit for them. Boutique owners know the tastes of their regular customers and can predict if certain garments will fly off the shelves as soon as they land.Unlike a mannequin, a model has motion. As they move about showing the best angles, the customer is able to see the natural movement of the fabric. This is not possible on a motionless object as the garment simply blows with the wind in one spot.


On-Model Product Photography

The Stylist Can Accessorize

The stylist is able to put together the outfit on the model adding accessories that go beautifully together with the outfit. This allows the customer to see what they can wear with the product. Accessories include earrings, bangles, chains and necklaces, hair pieces as well as shoes.

You may find customers who will be so impressed with the whole look that they will purchase the entire ensemble. The model smartly shows off the effect of not only the outfit but also how it works with the rest of the accessories.

Cast the Right Model

The right model brings out the best in terms of quality and results especially in fashion. The photographer finds inspirations because everything fits in just right. They are not worried about editing or a look not coming together in the right way.

There are a couple of things that you must consider when casting your model:

  • Their personality
  • How the clothes fit

For every brand and every collection, find the right model. There is a reason why top brands work with different models on each collection they are working on.

A model adept at a taking direction is a pleasure to work with. However, a model who effortlessly makes small poses and movements with every click is likely to bring out some sensational shots.

While beauty is a huge consideration with regard to casting a model, it is a lot better to work with a model that is photogenic. Nevertheless, it all boils down to what your theme is. Is beauty central to bringing out the best in your product? Do you require a model who is brings something different as this produces the best effect?

You must consider what works best for the product. Casting a model because they are acquaintances and will therefore not ask for much may not be the best option for your product. Unless they have the right look that will work well with the product, then casting them will not be right.

Using different models for different collections helps your customer identify what’s new and what’s old. It is also a good way of keeping your customer engaged when they’re strolling through pages of product.

Finally, your model must be interesting to look at. If the customer’s eye is not drawn to the model immediately, they will not give your picture a second glance. Even with the right lighting, hair and makeup and all that goes into making a beautiful photo shoot, the model must immediately capture the customers’ interest.

The Model Gives the Store Personality

Your choice of model creates an image for your store and brings a certain personality with it. You must have noticed by now how brands use certain models and celebrities as the face of their brand.

These models and celebrities are henceforth associated with the brand. Their personalities come as a package. That is why you should meticulous when choosing the right model for your product.

Your store’s personality helps it to standout from the competition. Your model will be the right fit if you understand your product and have a clear picture of the image and personality you want to bring out.

Personalities run from sophisticated to classy as well as price-conscious. Once you have the personality set, then the right customers will show up to patronize your establishment. The model you pick to represent your product should bring out your store’s personality to perfection.

On-Model Product Photography

Oftentimes product photography involves models. Most often it is models and celebrities that are used to endorse certain products by being seen to use them. This involves taking photographs of the aforementioned using or posing with the product.

Human beings like to relate something with someone they know. If they see someone they admire using a certain product and claiming thatthe product has many befits on their skin or health or emotional wellbeing, then they will try it out too.

They may even swear their allegiance to the product because their favorite human uses it and declares it to be great. Entrepreneurs know this which is why they contract the most famous people to endorse their product in order to increase sales.

What Entails On-Model Product Photography?

There is a lot that goes into making the perfect model/product shot. The photographer not only has to bring out the best in the product but also in the celebrity of model that is involved in the shoot. The pictures will be plastered on billboards, posters and screens everywhere…even internationally.

Micromanagement may be involved so that the photographer gets the perfect shot. This is what will make the advertisement a success. In addition, the shot must tell a story. Humans are suckers for stories. Even a three-word story is enough to catapult a product to the frontline ahead of all its competitors.

The photographer must therefore be careful to bring out the best in both animate and inanimate models and tell a story.

On-Model Product Photography Equipment and Setting

As is the case with almost any type of photography meant for commercial purposes, the on-model product photography is not taken on your iPhone or Android for kicks. This is serious business involving the best cameras, crews, the right clothes, hair and makeup, ambiance and so many other elements.


When models are involved in the shoot, there is a lot more that is expected of the entire shoot. The photographer may have to micromanage to get the images that are needed for the shot. A professional photographer will get the model and the product to work well together to get the intended message out.

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