Today, the jewellery photography market is expanding by the day. It’s becoming much more common to see photos of extraordinary rings, necklaces, earrings, and bangles. When done right, jewellery photography can be an exciting, fulfilling, and productive venture. Here is how you can leverage professional photographers to get excellent jewellery photos for your e-commerce platform.

Do you have a jewellery business? Are you trying to leverage the power of online platforms to promote your brand? If the answer is yes, your platform should have great eCommerce photos of your products. E-commerce photographs are the images you’ll find in a product catalogue or online store. Often, these images are shot on a neutral background and our skilled professional photographers prefer a white background with the jewellery as the centrepiece.


Jewellery Product Photography

Using the Right Camera for Jewellery Photography

When it comes to jewellery photography equipment, a professional DSLR camera is essential. Having been in the industry for many years, you can be guaranteed that we have some of the best cameras in the market today. The Canon EOS 5D Mk iv, used by us, is hailed by the experts as the best to use for this purpose.

If you are dealing with high-level clients who demand exceptional quality, then we shall come in handy with our superior quality professional grade DSLR cameras. We understand the importance of a camera’s megapixel count which is why you should leave everything in our hands.

We have dealt with many big jewellery companies whose representatives sought to establish our camera’s megapixels before they could hire us. As technology advances, many good quality cameras with remarkable megapixels are available and our research team is always on the ground to grab the latest technology to the satisfaction of our clients.

It’s important to note that when we’re shooting standard or e-commerce jewellery photographs, some of these factors will not be crucial. Unlike some professional photograph use compact or even point and shoot cameras, we opt to use only advanced and premium quality cameras when shooting professional photos.

How About the quality of the Camera Lens?

We’re aware that the camera lens we use will determine the photo quality. Whether you need the images for editorial or e-commerce purposes, we always ensure that our lens isn’t distorted. Every time we shoot your accessories, our main goal is to ensure that the image is as similar to the tangible product as possible.

Often, we may choose to use a 100mm macro lens. From our experience, these lenses generate images that appear natural to the view and captures intricate detail. These are designed for shooting small items at close range. The advantage of using macro lenses is that their focusing limit is usually quite close to the glass.

Our photographers strive to understand the representation of your images and bring that dream into life just as your eyes envision them. The next step involves configuring the photos to ensure that they meet your intended goal.

Since jewellery is stationary, we use a permanent millimeter lens which has been famed for having superior quality and being sharper compared to a zoom lens.

Why do you use a Tripod?

We choose to use tripods due to the following reasons.

  • We can easily reduce the shutter speed to prevent or cut down noise.
  • It makes it easy to adjust the aperture (depth of field) and focus points. If we’re shooting editorial or catalog photos, we can opt to omit the tripod. However, we’re always careful to comply with the guidelines that govern commercial photography and maintain great quality work.
  • Using a tripod enables us to capture each item from the same height and angle keeping consistency throughout your online store.

How Important is Lighting?

Lighting is a critical factor when it comes to photography. It’ll either make your jewellery product photography venture a success or a fail. As many expert photographers will tell you, jewellery is one of the most difficult products to shoot due to their shiny nature which increases reflections.

You don’t need to worry about this when you hire us. Our skilled photographers use flashes and bulbs with an actual white light and a “photography toned bulb” label to eliminate reflections.

The advantage of using an actual white light is that it doesn’t cause any form of the color cast such as a fluorescent green or blue, or an orange form of warm light.

Precise colours are critical in all types of photography where distortion lenses are in use. For your e-commerce jewellery product photography, we shall use a continuous light softbox. This is a great method which we have adopted to reduce reflections. Softboxes emit soft, even, and brilliant light.

Do you retouch your images?

Taking the photo is only half of the job, the rest is done in post production. Jewellery is shiny and for that reason we work our magic on removing any unwanted reflections and blemishes. Increasing contrast and sharpness helps bring out the brilliance of your product. We include all retouching within our pricing.

Do You Need A Professional Photographer for Your Jewellery Product Photography?

Regardless of your industry or even your target audience, your brand will need to draw people’s attention. Remember that you’ve got limited time to visually capture attention. The brain is loyal to visual processing and humans are captivated by impressive images and bright colors.

Compelling photos are critical for your platform and that’s where we come in. Regardless of how skilled you are with your high-quality Smartphone camera, performing your own business photography may not be the best idea.

Our professional and experienced photographers will display your products in an ultimate way in a bid to help your business scale while giving it a competitive edge.


Visual communication is becoming a popular marketing strategy. If you’re a jewellery entrepreneur, you want to display your wares in the most ideal way not only to create a unique edge for your brand but also to engage with your target audience. Hire us and we shall give you everything that your business needs to scale.

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