COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.
COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.
COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Brands and retailers use invisible mannequin photography to achieve the 3D effect with their products. If you run an online boutique, you want to give your followers and customers on your Instagram account a feel of what they stand to get when they buy from you.


Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin photography has an amazing effect on clothing items such as:

  • Jeans
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Dresses
  • Coats
  • Jackets
  • Blazers
  • Shirts
  • Skirts
  • Jumpers
  • Kidswear

With a 3D image, it is easy for the customer to imagine themselves wearing the garment on show and how it might look on them. Almost every retailer prefers to use this style of photography as it has proven quite effective.

The best way therefore to get your fashion line noticed on social media and to get traffic on your account is to get glossy images of your best pieces out there using ghost mannequin photography.

The best you can do as a retailer is to get the experts to get this effect for you as it is not easy to achieve. It requires a lot of post-processing or what the experts refer to as clever image composition techniques.

Equipment Needed for Ghost Mannequin Photography

The photographer will first ascertain that they have everything they need for this shot. The equipment includes the following:

Ghost Mannequin

A modular mannequin with detachable chest and arms is the best one to use. It is used for getting invisible product shots by taking the parts apart piece by piece.


Most people take shots using their Smartphone cameras and while those can take a clear shot, a specific camera used by seasoned ghost mannequin photographers is recommended. The Canon EOS 5D Mk iv, used by us, is hailed by the experts as the best to use for this purpose. Quality equipment equals quality product photography.

With business being so competitive, everyone wants to get the best image out there. That is why they are increasingly turning to the experts to get the best shots.


Many people figure that with the usual lighting…meaning there is adequate visibility…anyone can get a good picture. The experts know how to manipulate studio lighting to get an amazing picture. The difference between a good picture and an amazing one depends on who is taking it.

We use the best flash photography on the market which provides a quality and consistent exposure. The end results are images that are sharp and bright, which is hard to achieve using cheaper equipment. Studies indicate that well-lit photos shot on a neutral background can increase your sales by approximately 39%. What this means is that our hiring professional photographers for your ghost mannequin photography is essential.

Tools for Styling

Naturally, you will not just throw a garment on a mannequin and wing it. Tools such as pins, clips, tissue and tape are used to ensure the clothes fit snugly where they are required to. But don’t let that fool you, this is a skilled job and requires a trained stylist. Did you know that our rates include stylists too?


Buying Ghost Mannequin Product Photography with PIC-UP doesn’t just save you time but it also saves you a lot of money. We’ve invested into the best equipment so you don’t have to. We’re all about making quality eCommerce photography easier, faster and more convenient for you. So spend your time doing what you do best and leave your photography to the professionals. For pricing please click here.