COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.
COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.
COVID-19 UPDATE: We're still operating business as usual. Our turnaround timeframe remains the same too, 3-5 working days.

Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay product photography is a technique that you can use to either display your products within an online store or to create content (such as a banner) to tell a story and give your target online audience something to marvel at. It’s a simple technique seeing that you can shoot in different areas.


What is Flat Lay Product Photography?

If you have just started your business and are looking forward to succeeding in your niche, you’ll need the services or an experienced and skilled photographer and the idea flat lay product photography lighting to take the perfect shots.

Unlike in classical product photography, you can leverage on flat lays to enhance your utilization of packshots (a moving or still image of your product which contains its labeling and packaging and is used to illustrate the status of the product in various forms of media.)

Flat lay product photos are today a popular trend especially on Instagram and using them appropriately can see your business thrive.

Flat lay photography can transform your products to give them a more artistic appearance. This technique is ideal for various products such as clothing. Our professional flat lay photographers will tell you that they use various tips to stand out and one of the tricks involves experimenting with various arrangements in a creative manner.

Photographing Clothes in a Flat Lay

Getting the perfect flat lay shot of clothes can be an arduous task. But not for our skilled team, our photographers will concentrate on taking the image while our stylists will work their magic and make your items more desirable.

Photographing a Collection of Items Thematically

As mentioned above, flat lay product photography allows your brand to tell a visual story. You should tell your story in a unique manner and what a better way to do so than apply themes? Displaying your clothing on a theme allows you to experiment with a wide range of available options. You can decide to showcase a collection of customised clothes to meet the needs of your customers.

Important Tips to Consider when Shooting Flat Lay Photos

Photos are some of the most powerful tools of communication on the internet. Choosing the ideal images for your website plays a huge role in attracting your target audience, developing trust, and igniting emotion among your visitors.

Therefore, choosing images is a critical step in the development and promotion of your website. You need to analyse the photos you choose and how much of an impact they’ll have on your visitors. This is where we come in. We strive to ensure that your images are the best quality and in line with your business.

By choosing us, you can be guaranteed that our professionals will not only make the best shoots for you, but they’ll also help you choose the best photos to increase visitors to your website. Since many e-commerce entrepreneurs are using flat lay product photographs, you’ll need these tips to create unique images.

Select a Colour Palette

Identify two or three affiliated colours and stick to them. Your background should always be neutral, most commonly white and grey. This draws attention to the product and sits well within most ecommerce store themes.

If shooting creative content there are numerous options to choose from such as a wooden table, desk, or floor, or simply a basic white. Remember that the background you choose depends on your content. You can even stretch your options and shoot on an earthen ground.

Select Your Images in a Strategic Manner

Try to plan for your images in the earlier stages of planning for your website. don’t use photos randomly or just to adorn your website. Your photos should be well selected to fulfil a specific purpose. Bear in mind that your goal should be; to increase traffic to your website and encourage conversions. You can easily achieve this with well-selected photos showcased in a compelling manner. Hire us and we shall help you choose the perfect photos for your website.

Relevance is Key

Select photos that are applicable to your target audience, brand, and those that help you achieve your marketing goals. your photos should be relevant to your company values while fulfilling the desires of your target audience. We shall study your business and help you choose the best applicable photos for your brand.

Why Choose the Services of a Professional Product Photographer?

As the photography sector comes of age, there are numerous people who claim to be photographers even when they’re not qualified. Choosing the ideal photographer for your specific product can be a difficult task and that’s why we offer a free test order. At Pic-Up, we understand the needs of e-commerce entrepreneurs, having been in the industry for many years. Here are reasons why you should choose us.

We’ll Help You make a Compelling First Impression

Your images tell your story. We shall work with you to create images that communicate your brand. This will play a big role in attracting more customers and convincing your target audience to purchase your products.

We Generate Flat Lays which Create Interest

We understand that articulate photos encourage potential customers to be more interested in your company and products. This is why we strive to create expressive images which convert your target audience into customers.

We Personify Your Business

Having interacted with many entrepreneurs and customers alike, we are aware that customers love working with someone they can relate with and trust. This is why we organise photo shoots for you and your team in a bid to reveal the team behind the business to your target audience. Your target audience will be more convinced when you humanise the business.


As an entrepreneur, you can use photography to effectively promote your brand both on social media and your website. It’s worth noting that the use of visual communication has escalated with the popularity of various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. You can leverage these platforms to reach a wide audience and enhance the performance of your brand.

We’re all about making quality eCommerce photography easier, faster and more convenient for you. So spend your time doing what you do best and leave your photography to the professionals. For pricing please click here.