On-Model Photography

On-model photography gives you the chance to showcase your products to your customers in real time. The buyer is able to see how the item fits on a real person and decide if the product is the right fit for them, helping generate action across your website and online marketplaces. 


With the right on-model product photography that showcases your products in the best light, you can show how different fabrics fit on different body types to generate a lot more sales for your business. At PIC-UP, we pay thorough attention to detail during the studio model photography process, ensuring that every shot we take captures your product perfectly.


Our committed photographers at PIC-UP have a wealth of experience in taking incredible shots that have been proven, time and time again, to transform a business’ image. When it comes to increasing customer engagement and sales, the power of on-model photography is something that should be utilised by all online retail brands. Ideal for eCommerce use, product photography with models is the perfect visual tool to attract your customer’s focus for higher sales.

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on model product photography uk
on model product photography uk
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on model product photography uk

Product photography with models

With our on-model photoshoot studio, your customers will be able to immerse themselves in the full shopping experience by being able to see the quality of your products, the texture and the true colours of each item when being worn. 

Unlike a mannequin, a product photography model has motion. As they move about showing the best angles, the customer is able to see the natural movement of the fabric. This is not possible on a motionless object as the garment simply blows with the wind in one spot.

Giving your online customers full transparency on what they can expect to receive in your product has a huge benefit for your conversion rate. On-model product photography takes your customers one step closer to seeing the product in person, allowing them to fully evaluate the item before making the purchase.

Online shoppers love to see how specific items of clothing or accessories would look on them or the people they are purchasing for – so having a product photography model in a professional modelling photography studio is the perfect way to make your sales increase.

Studio model photography made easy!

Product photography with models is an extremely popular and effective way to sell your products, however this is a mammoth task for a business owner to take on internally. This is where PIC-UP comes in – not only do we have a state-of-the-art model photoshoot studio, we also utilise our long list of contacts to provide you with the perfect product photography model to represent your brand’s identity.

Not only do we take these shots extremely well – we’ll also work with you in a way that is tailored completely to your schedule. We will collect, and then return, your products from wherever you are in the UK – meaning you can continue running your business with no extra added stress.

We offer a range of cost-effective packages for your business to choose from and a handy online calculator to work out the exact cost and place your order. We also offer an extremely quick turnaround time – you can expect your products and brand new images back in just 3-5 days!

Increase buyer confidence with on-model photography

If you see a vision of your online eCommerce business becoming a big name brand, on-model product photography is a fantastic investment for your business. Everyone from SHEIN to Zara and JD Sports invest in model photography to showcase their products perfectly to their potential customers. 

In most cases, on-model product photography makes the difference between a brand being able to scale and expand their eCommerce business, because buyers expect to be able to see clothing and accessories on a model. This builds trust in what you’re selling and your business as a whole.

Similarly, product returns are significantly reduced when people are able to see how an item of clothing or an accessory would look on a real person – ultimately saving money in the long run. As consumers can better evaluate the product, this gives more confidence in whether it’s right for them.

On-model photography captured with true precision

Creating flawless product photography with models requires a variety of professional equipment and software, as well as a modelling photography studio. At PIC-UP, we are dedicated to capturing your products in the right light using a real product photography model in our state-of-the-art studio.

We are creative and innovative in our methods, allowing us to offer a unique approach in capturing the individual aesthetic for each and every client we work with. We care about aligning your on-model product photography with your brand’s story and the look and feel of your website. You can rest assured that our team of experts are passionate about making the most out of every model photoshoot we do for our clients.

Our industry-leading photographers strive for consistency with all of our images as a part of the professional, reliable model product photography service we offer. 

On-model photography that sells

When you choose PIC-UP for your studio model photography needs, we’ll provide you with an in-depth service that effectively shows off what you’re selling in the best way possible and meets the highest quality standards so you can wow your customers.

By using our premium quality imagery, your brand can stand head and shoulders above your competitors by having your products placed perfectly in the spotlight on the type of models that suit the look and feel of your brand. Once your images are on display, you’ll see your business grow and evolve into industry leaders much faster than ever before. This makes all the difference in highly competitive spaces where your products are up against rival competition. 

If you’re ready to take your brand image to the next level, investing in on-model product photography is one of the best things you can do. Contact us today to get started.