Flat Lay Photography

Looking for a cost-effective, yet fantastic way to showcase your products? Discover lay flat product photography and look no further! The perfect way to showcase your E-Commerce offering, flat lay clothing photography offers the perfect solution to show off your products in an appealing and professional way on your online store and marketplaces.

Our professional lay-flat photography services allow you to showcase your products in their best light, immediately capturing the attention of customers and increasing sales. With years of experience taking amazing imagery, we know exactly what people want to see in your products. Our specialist flat lay fashion photography is perfectly optimised to show off the features and details of your products, perfect for online use, in print, social media or any other way you might ever need!

Featuring an image quality guarantee, FREE image retouching and impeccable customer service, we make product photography easy, allowing you to focus on your business.


Flat lay clothing photography

Lending itself perfectly, flat lay product photography is the ideal choice to effectively showcase clothing, whether it be shirts, jumpers, coats, trousers or accessories.

Getting the perfect packshot of your clothing can be difficult, but our highly skilled and experienced photographers take it in their stride. With a mixture of careful product preparation and post-production, we ensure that every flat lay product image is of an impeccable standard, putting your product in the spotlight and making it highly appealing to customers.

Brilliant value for money, flat lays are a great alternative or addition to ghost mannequin and on-model clothing photography. With a huge amount of experience photographing the fashion industry for loads of happy clients, we ensure every piece of clothing looks its very best in our studio.

All at the very same high standard, we offer our flat lay clothing photography to businesses both small and large. Affordable, professional and easy to order, flat lay is the ideal choice for your brand, offering an excellent return on investment.

Our all-in-one service takes the stress out of flat product photography. Simply place your order online using our instant quote calculator, package and ship off your items, then, receive your amazing new images (and returned products) in no time at all.

Showcase the details

In the social media age, clothes flat lay photography has become notable for delivering great results when used effectively on platforms such as Instagram. In contrast to regular product photography, flat lays can be leveraged to enhance the way your brand uses existing packshots.

When taken on by an expert, flat lay photography can be used to create an artistic first impression that resonates with your brand’s niche and ideal target audience. Our professional team will be dedicated to getting to know your brand exactly in order to experiment with a variety of different flat lay photography ideas to discover exactly what works for you.

Getting the perfect flat lay shot of clothes can be complex, however, our photographers and stylists will collaborate on highlighting the most desirable features of your products in these images, maximising the potential to generate conversions.

Image consistency that helps your brand grow

On the whole, flat lay photography can help your brand to tell a visual story that perfectly reflects your mission and overall niche. This is why creating and experimenting with themes are so important when taking these shots. With a collection of customised flat lay clothing photography shots, you can really hit your target audience in the right way to generate an emotional response – a highly effective sales technique.

A key component of flat lay photography is the colour scheme – you should choose two or three affiliated colours on a neutral background to make your defining theme. The neutrality of the background – whether this is a basic white or grey, or even a wooden surface – will further emphasise your chosen scheme. These will instantly help with brand recognition.

Although very simple in their visual appeal, the relevance of your flat lay clothing photography to both your brand’s values and your audience’s wants and needs is extremely important if you want to achieve your marketing goals. Strategic planning and placement of your products will ensure that these images will fulfil your marketing aims.

Flat lay photography that doesn’t fall flat

The aim of flat lay clothing photography is to tell your brand’s story in a single image. At PIC-UP, our experienced team is passionate about taking shots that generate great reactions from customers and ultimately, great results.

If you’re an eCommerce business owner looking to succeed in your niche on a range of different online platforms, you’ll need the services of an experienced and skilled photographer to get the shots you need.

From working with an array of fantastic clients in the past, we know that business owners and entrepreneurs need to work with photographers they can trust. Our mission is to help your business maximise your returns through the power of truly effective flat lay photography. If you’re interested in investing in our premium quality photography, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.