Ghost Mannequin Photography

If you run an online clothing store, your customers are looking to find a genuine feel of what they’ll be receiving when they order clothes from you. Fit, length and shape are all hugely important to a customer when they are assessing what to buy, which is why your brand needs ghost mannequin photography to thrive.

Brands and retailers have used invisible mannequin photography for years due to the realistic, 3D effect these images portray. As a London-based product and clothing photography studio, we specialise in creating high-quality imagery for your e-commerce store and other online marketplaces. Our team has a wide range of expertise and knowledge to help capture beautiful invisible mannequin images of your clothing that will draw attention to your products and encapsulate your brand’s personality.

ghost mannequin t shirt

High-quality invisible mannequin photography

As the chosen method by clothing retailers worldwide, ghost mannequin photography is a technique proven to effectively increase customer interest and effectively showcase fashion products. At PIC-UP’s state-of-the-art studio, we don’t only take these shots incredibly well – we do it in a way that works around your business’ needs and time restraints.

We offer a range of cost-effective packages for your business to choose from and a handy online calculator to work out the exact cost and place your order. We offer an extremely quick turnaround time of just 3-5 days. We will collect, and then return, your products from wherever you are in the UK – taking all the strain from you, so you can continue doing what you do best, whilst we supply you with the stunning ghost mannequin imagery you need.

Showcasing your products with ghost mannequin photography

The invisible mannequin photography process is a complex yet rewarding one and, when taken by a photographer with PIC-UP’s expertise, can be used to great effect. Our skilled photographers will pay meticulous attention to detail throughout the process in order to accurately capture your product’s most important features.

To offer you the best shot possible, we only use equipment that meets the highest possible standards as quality equipment equals quality product photography.

This form of product photography calls for a modular mannequin with a detachable chest and arms to create the 3D effect desired by taking the parts apart piece by piece. We’ll ensure complete accuracy in how we represent your products by using pins, clips, tissue and tape to ensure the clothes fit snugly where they are required to – a task that requires our professional stylists, included in the price!

Benefits of invisible mannequin photography

We at PIC-UP know that the best way to show off your clothing brand’s potential is to include fantastic images on your website using ghost mannequin photography. There are huge perks in choosing to display your products this way, including:

– Realistic images that build trust with your customers.

– Your customers can imagine themselves wearing your clothing.

– The 3D effect is aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching

– Fantastic images that put you far ahead of your competitors.

Why choose PIC-UP for ghost mannequin photography?

Beautiful quality ghost mannequin fashion photography shots are not easily achieved, which is why it’s important to reach out to the experts to get the best results possible. We’re all about making quality eCommerce imagery easier, faster and more convenient for you. No matter if you are using our images for Amazon listings, your online store or anywhere else you need.

Using top-of-the-range equipment, our dedicated team of professionals know how to manipulate studio lighting to get the images you need. We’re also well-seasoned in clever image composition techniques, re-touching with post-production and everything else necessary to create the most natural 3D effect for your product.

Opting for ghost mannequin photography with PIC-UP is the best decision your fashion brand could make. Take that first step today and get a free, instant quote online using our handy calculator.