Frequently Asked Questions

Anywhere within the United Kingdom’s mainland. If you’re located outside of this area, drop us an email and we’ll do our best to organise a collection from you.

We collect your items, steam, shoot, retouch and then deliver them back to your door. We also include a handful of revisions.

Yes we do. You can use one of your own models or take advantage of our connections to London’s top model agencies. We’ll assist you in casting and help you find a model that fits within your budget and is best suited for your target audience.

We’ll collect your items, steam, shoot, retouch and then deliver them back to your door.

All our prices include cutting out and retouching. Whether you require half or full face we’ll shoot it at the same price. Makeup Artists can be hired for an additional £300 or you can provide your own. Have a particular way or style of shooting?

Yes, and it’s completely free.

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

Definitely. When you check out you can choose your preferred collection date.

You have full use of the images, including print.

We aim to get your items shot and retouched within 3-5 days based on 100 items. We shoot 7 days a week, so if you send them on a Thursday, you’ll have them back by Monday.

Morley House, 26 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2AT

No, we’ll remove the tags for shooting and then retag them before sending them back.

Yes. Contact us at info@pic-up.co.uk and one of our representatives will walk you through the process.

Definitely, we can shoot orders that equate to less than £300 however you’d incur an additional service charge bringing your overall order value up to our £300 minimum. Orders that are equal or greater than £300 will not incur a service charge.

Morley House, 26 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2AT

Then contact us at info@pic-up.co.uk to let us know when they’re on their way

Items are steamed on arrival. Once placed on the mannequin we try our best to remove any unflattering creasing. What can’t be removed by hand will be done in post-production.

Yes, all our post-production and retouching is included in the price quoted.

Yes, we will do our best to colour match your products during quality control. If you feel an item is slightly off we’ll happily adjust it for you.

As soon as we’ve finished we’ll give you a call to work out the best time to drop them off.

Female Height: 165 cm
Chest: 78 cm
Waist: 64 cm
Hip: 93 cm
Inside Leg: 90 cm

Male Height: 177 cm
Chest: 101 cm
Waist: 82 cm
Hip: 100 cm
Inside Leg: 98 cm

Yes, we normally name the images under your order number. If you need us to rename your items based on the barcode code we can do that too. All you need to do is select barcode scanning for an additional 50p per item. This is only possible if all items are tagged.

Yes we can do anything you’d like, just be sure to select the amount of additional shots you want and a detailed description in the notes section.

We deliver them in Hi-res and Low-res web JPGs and PNGs. If you require other formats let us know.

Yes, we count all the items on arrival. If there’s any discrepancies we’ll let you know and send the remaining balance to you as a new invoice.

Yes. We take great care in looking after your special items when shooting. Within Central London all our transportations are door to door by courier. If you’re a little further out and you require overnight delivery, we may be able to take out additional cover at an additional fee.


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