eCommerce Product Videography

When browsing your eCommerce store, your customer may have a lot of questions about your products. They’ll want to know what the dimensions are, how well it functions and how to use it effectively. If you’re finding it difficult to portray this through your existing image gallery, your business will benefit from product videography.

As a fully-fledged product video production company, PIC-UP will provide you with beautiful quality product videos based entirely on your brand’s vision and identity. Our eCommerce product video production methods place your product’s very best features in the spotlight, increasing the likelihood of a customer engaging with your videos – eventually making a purchase.

Our dedicated team of experienced product videographers have helped our clients achieve fantastic promotional videos that exceeded their expectations. Ideal for helping represent your brand accurately, product videography is an incredible way to capture your customers’ attention – no matter what your product is.

Product videography that brings your range to life

At PIC-UP, we pride ourselves on the quality and individuality of our product video production skills. By using the highest quality video cameras on the market – the Canon 5D MKIV cameras and Arri Sky Panels, we’ll bring your product range to life using innovative methods and professional tricks.

When you choose us as your committed product video production company, you’ll receive incredible quality promotional videos that put your products on display in their very best light. We’ll highlight the key functions of your product as well as the most exciting features, all whilst staying true to your brand’s existing personality and mission.

Using eCommerce product video production on your product pages has a fantastic influence on your sales. By promoting your products in a dynamic way that appeals specifically to your target audience, you’ll be able to clearly communicate what your business offers that no one else does.

Offering your customers full transparency

Brands that use their eCommerce website as their primary sales channel may sometimes find it difficult to give their customers the clearest possible view of their products. If the customer finds the images provided to not be accurate to the physical product, it can lead to returns. This is where product videography can help.

eCommerce product video production allows your customer to see the product from every angle, in a similar way to 360 product photography. Additionally, the promotional nature of a product video allows your customers to see the full potential of your product – whether that’s solving a problem of theirs or showing off its exciting features and uses.

As one of the most interactive forms of displaying your wares, product videography has been proven time and time again to influence customers to make a purchase they’d otherwise be sitting on. This is due to the fact that they are more likely to engage with the video and remain on the product page for much longer.

Promoting your brand’s identity

When you choose to work with PIC-UP for all your product videography needs, we’ll work alongside you as your trusted product photography partner to deliver the most effective product videos that are totally unique to and aligned with your brand identity.

Not only will we collect and return your items free of charge, we’ll also collaborate with you to make the very most of your video brief. We’ll stay in regular contact with you in order to ensure that every element that we include during the product video production is inch perfect. 

We’ll shoot a variety of diverse, engaging shots during the process so that when it comes to the final edit, you’ll have the final say on the footage we use should you want to make any changes. With a range of cost-effective options to match your budget, our expert product videographers will be dedicated to crafting the very best video content for your brand.


Product Videography
£ 50 Per Clip
  • Studio Hire
  • Arri Lighting & Black Magic Camera Equipment
  • Videographer
  • Stylist
  • All Editing
  • Hires & Web Ready

Choose PIC-UP for specialist eCommerce product video production

When you choose PIC-UP as your dedicated product video production company, you’ll gain more than just the exact videos you’ve been looking for. You’ll also get to be as involved in the process as you feel you need to be in order to get your desired end result.

When combined with other methods of photography such as packshots or on-model, you can develop an in-depth, informative product page that you can be proud of and your customers will love. By taking advantage of our product videography services, you’re making a huge difference to your eCommerce business. Not only will you see a huge increase in users browsing your website and engaging with your products, you’ll also see your sales improve in the long run.

We offer a range of different video options to suit your business preferences and budget restrictions. If you’re interested in taking your brand to the next level, contact us today to discuss your ideas and goals.