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Here at PIC-UP we’re all about making high quality product ecommerce photography easier, faster and more convenient for you. We know you want to spend your time doing what you do best, promoting and selling your products, while making your brand stand out for all the right reasons. We make sure there’s only a couple of clicks between getting a competitive price and paying. That’s not all; once you’ve made your purchase, it’ll only be a matter of days before you receive your professional pictures.

Using mannequins for your product images is an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your products. Mannequins allow your products to hold their shape, which can make product images seem more professional and consistent — thereby increasing their desirability to customers.

We know that customers would prefer to see what they are buying from all angles and dimensions before they make a decision. After all, we are visual beings. We do high-end product mannequin photography that ensures your products have high visibility. Quality ghost mannequin photography is a delicate process that combines the work of professional photographers, stylists, state-of-the-art cameras, lighting techniques, product placement and top-notch editing. We have the facilities, personnel, knowhow, experience and equipment required to execute this type product photography regardless of how many angles the product has. Our goal is to make your products more desirable and visible with our touch of an invisible mannequin effect. The focus should always be the product, not the mannequin; which is what we create. The end result is a product gallery that boosts your sales.

Sometimes it takes a professional model to highlight an item’s best features. With our connections to top agencies, stylists and makeup artists, your brand will be ready to compete with the likes of ASOS and Net-A-Porter in a matter of days.

On-model product photography not only makes products visible from all angles, it amplifies the dimensions. Products get life and emotion once they are photographed on a life-sized model. Customers get an idea of how to wear or use a product once it has been photographed on a model. Our On-model product photography will give your brand more visibility, and ensure you generate more sales. What’s more? You will not have to go through the cumbersome process of outsourcing models from agencies because we will have that covered (not unless you have a specific model(s) that you would want us to use). All that will be required of you is to avail the products, and we will do the rest. We ensure that the model does not steal away the spotlight from the product, and their relationship becomes symbiotic.

If simplicity is key to your brands ethos then shooting your items laid flat is the answer. It’s a fast and cheap way to get your items online and sold.

It’s usually said that the view is always better when taken from above, and no one does it better than us. Flat lay photography allows better showcasing of a product, ensuring that even the finest of details become visible. Our flat photography services will give your product character, ensuring that it enjoys affirmative reaction from anyone who visits your ecommerce site. We remove all the surrounding distractions, so that the focus remains solely on the product. Flat lay photography can be a way of shooting your products for the ecommerce part of your store or to produce creative content. We can include props in order to create a certain theme around your product and increase its visual appeal. However, the central focus will still be the product. Our flat photography incorporates creativity in setup and the ability to think out of the box while editing, to create the best images for our clients.

Specialise in Accessories, Jewellery or Homeware? With our Packshot Photography you can get your products photographed and online within 3-5 working days.

For packshot photography we have the best photographers and facilities to ensure that our clients get real life images of their products. We give no room to any exaggeration of the product’s outlook, because the idea is not to create unneeded over-expectation on a product. The goal is to present the product exactly as it is to the consumer. We ensure that you build customer trust through an honest presentation of your product and its packaging to the masses. We always ensure that the way we present a product suits the client’s target audience. We are here to ensure that you convert curious onlookers into buyers, through our crisp images.

High quality and polished homeware product photography can play a big role in the success of your brand. You can hire reliable photographers at PIC-UP who are skilled enough to shoot good quality photos to promote your brand on your online platforms.

Most humans are emotional shoppers, and this means that they tend to buy things that evoke certain emotions inside them. One of the best ways to stir up emotions in people is through the use of images, because like it or not, we are all driven by visuals. Well executed homeware product photography will stimulate people to buy a product, and vice versa. If you are selling homeware on your website, you need professionally taken photos that will give a good account of your products to the masses, which is what we do. The goal is to allow people to visualise how the product would look like in their own home. We can courier just about anything to our studios for a photo session. If it is too big to be moved, our team will come right where the product is and do the job.

Product Photography From Your Door

The long awaited next generation of product photography is here. Have your products collected,  professionally photographed and delivered back to your door.

What makes us different?

Firstly, we won’t make you jump through hoops or twiddle your thumbs while you wait for someone to get back to you with a quote. Instead, our fast and efficient quote calculator prices your job instantly.

Secondly, we handle all the tedious grunt work. We’ll collect the items you want photographed from wherever you are in the country, and once our team of professional photographers have worked their magic, we’ll return them.


Firstly we’ll collect your products from your door.


We’ll shoot your product from every angle using high quality lighting and photographic equipment.


We’ll apply the retouched images directly over the 3D model, giving a truer sense of texture and colour.


We’ll return your products to your door with your 3D models.

Why use pic-up?

PIC-UPs ethos is to make it easier, faster and more convenient for companies to order their product photography. Here’s how…


Using our user friendly calculator you can price up and order your product photography instantly. No more waiting to hear back from tedious quote forms.


From pricing to turnaround. Price up your order immediately and receive your images within 3-5 working days


Leave everything to us. We'll manage everything from your door step so you can concentrate on running your business.

Pricing & How To Order

You don’t have to wait for an online quote, you can find prices and order product photography instantly using our online calculator.  Check it out here!