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Welcome to PIC-UP, the professional product photography solution for your business. Whether you’re a brand, a designer, wholesaler, store owner or online retailer, we offer a wide range of competitive & professional business photography services to eCommerce brands and individuals in the UK seeking a high-quality finish.

Order the packshots and product images you need with a simple click of a button. Priced immediately with our online calculator, you will see just how affordable we are! Once you’ve chosen PIC-UP, simply box up your items and leave the rest to us! First, we’ll collect your items for free; steam them; shoot them, as a packshot or on a model before returning them alongside your finished photos.

We create exquisite product photography for use on your website or for marketing purposes. Our selection of stunning eCommerce product imagery is perfect for showcasing your offering and growing your business online. To ensure the best possible images, we use ultra high definition cameras; state of the art lighting; custom backdrops and computer image editing software to retouch photos

Commercial product photography from your door

Here at PIC-UP, we’re all about making high-quality product photography easier, faster and more convenient for your business. We’ve scrapped tedious quote forms to ensure it only takes you a few clicks to place your order for exactly what you need.

That’s not all; we’ll collect your items for free and drop them back off once we’ve finished. Whether your brand needs stunning packshotsAmazon images that sell, professional invisible mannequin or on model photography, the Pic-up team have you covered.


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Collection and delivery is free, just let us know where you are and what date you want your items collecting.


Our specialist team works their magic to make your products look amazing, with a quality guarantee on all your images.


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Stunning imagery is what we do

No matter what your speciality is, we’ve got the creative flair and tried-and-tested commercial photography techniques to help your products fly off the page. With a variety of different options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect imagery to help your brand shine with PIC-UP.

Ghost Mannequin

Ideal for clothing brands, invisible mannequins increase your product’s desirability and give off a professional, 3D quality – showing your customer exactly what they should expect to receive when they purchase.


Models can be incredible for highlighting your product’s key features and with our access to top agencies, stylists and makeup artists through our commercial studio, you’ll have incredible quality model shots in no time.

Flat Clothing

Sometimes the simplest options can be the most powerful – flat lays are a cost-effective yet proven solution to getting your products online and seen by customers. Showcasing your clothing with close attention to detail.


Creating the perfect first impression, the chosen style for many accessories, jewellery or homeware brands, Packshot photography will put your products into the spotlight in a compelling way.


Homeware products need to look polished and professional, which is why our skilled product photographers will capture your products to show off both their key features, specifications and your brand’s personality.

Amazon Packages

We offer a selection of Amazon product photography packages that are tailored to maximise your listing’s sales. Affordable, but with no compromise on quality our Amazon packages deliver excellent value for money.

Get an instant online quote for exactly what you need

Getting an exact price for the product photography service you require can be tedious, luckily, our online calculator is here to save the day!

Simply choose the different imagery you need using our bespoke pricing tool and simply place your order online, if you need any help or would like to speak to us about your requirements, feel free to get in touch via our instant online chat or contact form!

Product photography that drives sales

We understand the importance of showcasing your products in their best light. At PIC-UP, we specialise in product photography that delivers creative, fresh imagery for your online store and marketplaces such as Amazon. Our experts turn your vision into reality, putting the needs of your business first while adding a specialist creative touch.

Your creative partner

Put your focus where it matters most and leave the visual stuff to us. We know that being a business owner means having very little free time, so we’ll work around your schedule by covering all necessary pick-ups and drop-offs – allowing you to focus on growing your business!

Our specialist business photography service is tailored to your business’ needs and preferences, beautifully showcasing your products whilst saving you time, money and resources.

We’re so proud of our work, we put a quality guarantee on every image

PIC-UP has worked with some of the most powerful eCommerce market brands around, so we know what it really takes to get your products to stand out in front of your audience. We truly care about our work and will only deliver images that meet the highest quality standards.

We’re happy when you’re happy. That’s why we guarantee 100% satisfaction with every commercial photography service we provide.

Every image will be perfect with our FREE retouching service

We know that you want your products to appear as realistic as possible without losing that sense of perfection, so to ensure each and every image of your products meet the highest standards, we offer a cutout and retouching service included in the quoted price of our. As a part of our quality control, we’ll pay meticulous attention to detail when retouching your image in order to emphasise the true nature of your product’s colour, texture and design.





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